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5 Beautiful countries in Africa

Africa is a hidden gem that boasts unbelievable wildlife, tropical weather, great lakes, white sandy beaches and beautiful mountains. Some countries are more known around the world than others but, our list is not comprehensive enough. Nonetheless, let’s dive into the most beautiful countries in Africa and what they have to offer.


Of course we are biased and will start with our beautiful country, Kenya, a beautiful and modern hub of East Africa. Kenya has a lot to offer, from wildlife safaris to white sandy beaches or mountain climbing. There are so many activities to do in Kenya it would take you more than a week to explore the country. The capital, Nairobi, is where you will find a flurry of activity. There are beautiful hotels to stay in Nairobi as your stop over to other cities. Some popular hotels are The Hilton Hotel, Sarova Stanley Hotel, Radisson Blue Hotel and many more. 

Over the last few years, Kenya has become very multicultural, thus, you will find speaking English won’t be a problem. Food won’t be a challenge either with fast food restaurants like KFC and restaurants that serve international cuisines. Be sure to fill up on fresh fruits and vegetables from the local markets.

Moving from one place to the next is easy with the newly built highways that will get you from Nairobi to Maasai Mara for a game drive. Kenya hosts myriad animals like lions, elephants, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos, wildebeests and more. Experience the breathtaking wildebeest migration from Kenya to Tanzania. You can even feed an elephant or get close to a lion for all you thrillseekers.

You can also go hiking at the Mt. Longonot National Park, which is a crater that takes only a few hours to get to the top and go around the crater. What’s more, you can kill two birds with one stone by visiting Hell’s Gate National Park on the same day. The name Hell’s Gate seems daunting but is actually prehistoric lake that forms a tributary. The park is home to a variety of animals and, home to three geothermal stations. Hell’s Gate has never been a disappointment on chasing adventure.


Situated in the North of Africa, Morocco borders the Mediterranian Sea and the Atlantic ocean. The country is influenced by Arabic, African and European cultures and it’s one of the most visited countries in Africa. The country offers an old world/new age experience that is not only eclectic but endearing for a traveller doing some soul searching. For  travelers, a weekend getaway just won’t do to explore the country as a whole. There’s so much to see and experience. You need to immerse yourself in the culture to truly have a wholesome vacation. Explore the capital city, Marakech, the imperial city Fez and Casablanca and finally see the desert that is as breathtaking as walking the coastal region. Don’t forget sunscreen though ;). 

Immersing yourself in the culture will not be so hard as Moroccans are generally curious, warmhearted and talkative people. The people are very welcoming and will ask questions and give you information about the country. Moroccans speak English so you won’t experience any language barrier. Anywhere you go you will find a helpful hand. You might even end up making lasting friendships while there.


Botswana may be a landlocked country but it offers  a wide array of wildlife, lush green natural land and crystal clear rivers that flow into the great lakes of the country. Botswana invests a lot in animal conservancy. If you’re up for a safari, the Chobe national park, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the Okavango Delta which offer a range of bird life and animals such as leopards, buffalos, wildebeests, rhinos, hippos and so much more. 

You will find the people of Botswana very warm and friendly. They are very welcoming to tourists. English is a secondary language so you will not have any problem conversing with the locals. The locals will give you a brief history of the country while they serve you traditional cuisines like Seswaa and Vetkoek. There are also a lot of international cuisines especially Chinese and Italian dishes that you can find in the capital city, Gaborone. You will also find modern shopping centres and malls that you can buy anything from clothing to souvenirs.

Botswana is a destination you do not want to miss out on. The wildlife and environment are something to behold. It’s the perfect place for those seeking a peaceful getaway away from the busy city life.

South Africa

South Africa is the melting point of beauty and wonder. The country hosts some of the most luxurious lodges and game reservations. South Africa is home to the Big Five wildlife, that is, lions, elephants, leopards, buffalos and Rhinos. Not only wildlife but also long blond beaches that lure surfers, swimmers and divers. The beachfront looks like a beach strip in Miami. South Africa attracts both adrenaline junkies and those looking for a calm and peaceful stay.

Some of the best attractions to visit are the Kruger National Park, the Drakensberg, the Garden Route and the Cage Drive with great white Sharks. These attractions are packed with fun, luxury and wonder for the curious eye. They are oh so snap worthy and Instagram perfection.

Cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria are multi-cultural and have some of the best restaurants and hotels in the world. They are heavily populated with people from all backgrounds in the world, you will not miss an interesting moment from the locals and other tourists as well. Hotels are affordable it doesn’t matter whether you are passing through or staying for a long period. You will definitely find the right hotel for you. 

South Africa has fast food restaurants like KFC and McDonalds as well as restaurants with local and international cuisines. Don’t be afraid to taste all the different types of food you encounter.


Are you the type of person that wants to commune with nature? Tanzania has the most famous parks in Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro is also one of the most hiked mountains in the world. The mountain is the highest in Africa at 5,895 metres. It is a feat that many adventurers have had the pleasure of climbing. There are also lodges that you can stay in near the mountain so you don’t have to worry about lugging all your bags around.

If you are there for wildlife then Serengeti National Park is the perfect attraction for you. It is one of the most famous and most recommended national parks to visit. It is a home to a great number of wildlife. The best time to visit is during the wildebeest migration of about 1.5 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of gazelles and Zebras. The migration takes place in May or early June. These animals migrate from Kenya to Tanzania and it is one of the most breathtaking experiences.

If you haven’t visited Zanzibar and Mafia island then you haven’t seen paradise. These gorgeous beaches are lined with white sands and blue-turquoise water. You can surf, snorkel, deep dive and go deep-sea fishing. You will find an ample variety of fish and coral reefs. Tuna, Sailfish and Marlin are some of the assorted fish you will find as well as the endengeared green turtle. If your desire is to wake up to the beauty of paradise, then these two islands will be a dream come true.

While this list is not exhaustive, these five countries pack adventure, fun, wonder and relaxation. And you know, travelling with friends always kicks the experience up a notch. For most of these countries, the best time to travel is between May and July when the weather is just that sweet sport of warm with a cool breeze.


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